Sunday, 30 March 2014

What a Fishing Trip by Kade

What a Fishing Trip!

On Saturday 19th of March, Dad, Jaden, Gary and I decided to go fishing. We went near Waiheke island.

It was hard work to get the big boat out, I was soooo hungry like a gannet!. When we just started fishing Jaden caught about 7 fish already!!!!! I said to Jaden “catching too much fish aye”(all the fish Jaden had catched were too small so he was angry!).

About ten minutes later somehow Jaden and Dad called me, “you gannet” just because I just ate almost everything and I was so tired. All of a sudden Garys rod shook, I dived to and started winding the fish up, Jaden grabbed the net. 10 minutes later the fish finally got out of the water, Jaden caught the fish with the net. Dad got it and put it on the measurement and it was 43 centimetres!!!!.

10 minutes later Dad’s rod shook Dad ran to the rod as fast as he could run he skidded when he was at the rod. Two minutes later Dad finally got it up he put it on the measurement and it was 40 centimetres!!!!!.

In the end we bought back eleven fish and I caught the biggest Snapper. Dad and Gary finally drove the boat all the way to Half Moon Bay and Dad got out and got his car. I was tired and hungry as a gannet but I had a fantastic day.

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