Monday, 14 April 2014

A Visit from Charlotte's Grandad

Charlottes Grandad, came today to talk to room 18 about his family’s Korowai. Their Korowai was made by an aunty of their family and was given to a nephew who is the Kaitiaki (caretaker) for their family. The feathers on the Korowai are from a cock pheasant which is a wild game bird.

He also told us that a Korowai is a very important piece for someone to wear as it signifies the importance of the person wearing it. He said that the feathers on a Korowai make water ‘bounce off’ the cloak and so it will never get soaking wet and some short Korowai are used for raincoats! Prince William has been given a Korowai by New Zealand and has worn it while he has been visiting.

Lyquan and Franklin thanked Charlotte's Grandad on behalf of Room 18 for coming in and sharing his knowledge and teaching us more about Korowai.


  1. Wow - how gorgeous you look Charlotte! Your Papa looks very proud of you. What an awesome experience for Room 18 to have a real Korowai to look at. I learned a lot from this too! Mel Thorburn

  2. I love that Korowai. It's amazing! :)

  3. Great photos and thanks Room 18 for listening so well and asking really intelligent questions. Charlotte's Papa enjoyed his time with you all and hopes you learnt a lot about korowai. Thank you. Mrs Funnell