Thursday, 5 June 2014

Auckland Library Trip

On Thursday the 29th of May we visited the Auckland Central Library with Room 15.

We liked the design of the children’s area which is based on a Taniwha. It has cool seating and interesting spaces to sit and read.
We took an escalator to the second floor of the library to the George Grey Specialist section where we saw the smallest book and the oldest book that the library has.
We went down into the lower levels of the library where lots of books and maps are stored as they cannot all fit on the shelves up in the library. Librarians work there to collect books when people request them and send them up to the library using a machine called a tally lift which we saw operating.

We also did a quiz and a rebus and Mrs Venville read us some stories.



  1. Oliver had a great time at the Central Library - solving codes and seeing some rare old Science books - and the library looks like a pretty cool place to sit and read.

  2. The trip looks like everyone had great fun. Samantha was so surprised to see the tiniest little book that was there, she said the writing was so small. And so many other books! I wish I could have seen them too, maybe next time. Helen Hobby