Monday, 27 October 2014

Cleo's Speech

Cleo's speech today was on the Tailorbird. 
Well done Cleo, I like the way you prepared some interesting facts and wrote them on paper. You used a clear voice that everyone could hear. Room 18 enjoyed learning about the Tailorbird.


Today I am going to talk about the Tailorbird and a special adaptation that comes along with it. So you might think I’m talking about physical adaptation, like when the giraffe probably started off with a short neck but over time it grew a longer neck so it could reach the leaves high up in trees. But no, today I’m talking about behavioural adaptation.

Behavioural adaptation is when an animal has to change its behaviour so that it doesn't have to get into fights. So let’s say there are 30 birds fighting over two pieces of straw to build their nests, but the the Tailorbirds have changed their behaviour so instead of making their nests out of straw or mud, it decided to make its nest out of spider webs, one big leaf and soft materials - such as string and wool. So while the other birds fight over straw and things like that the Tailorbird can make its nest without all the fighting and competition. The Tailorbird uses the spider webs to glue the leaves together.
By Cleo

Nest in India


  1. Well done Cleo. I loved your little speech and I know how hard you worked to write something that fitted in with your school topic. Thank you too, Mrs Poole, for helping Cleo maintain her enthusiasm for learning.

  2. Nice work Cleo,
    I liked listening to your interesting speech about tailor bird:)
    By Issey and Issey's mum