Thursday, 27 February 2014

Data Detectives

Room 18 wanted to find out the most popular colour car for the Teachers' at Sunnyhills School.
We worked in pairs and went out to the staff carpark and made up a tally chart. With our information we made bar graphs to show what we found out. We found that red is the most popular coloured car for Teachers'. Miss Small saw our finished work and gave everybody a special sticker that says "Miss Small thinks my work is wonderful" which we are all very proud of!
Well done Room 18!


  1. Great presentation skills everyone - very clear and carefully ruled. I would never have guessed that red was going to be the most popular colour! Mrs Trembath (Oliver's Mum)

  2. It was great fun to work together with Cleo to make a graph. I think every graph was unique, special and creative. Everyone's graph was colourful and in an interesting style. Red is a very popular colour, no wounder it had the most cars!

  3. Awesome work. Love the graphs displayed in the classroom.
    Mrs Rayner (Mia's mum)