Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Rubie's Spider

Today Rubie bought in a spider which was found on her deck at home. 
Her very brave Mum put it in a jar with breathing holes at the top. 
Room 18 tried to discover what type of spider it was by going on Te Papa's, "What spider is that?" website but we couldn't decide what type of spider it was. 
Click here to take you to the website to see what you think.
The spider had no white tail, was a grey/brown colour and the fangs were a reddish brown colour. 
After we had a turn looking at the spider we all decided it was best to set her/him free.
Mrs Poole was very brave and managed to take off the lid and put it on the grass. Well done Mrs Poole!
Thanks Rubie for an interesting news item. 


  1. omg scary!!! you are so brave Mrs Poole!! (by lyquan's mum)

  2. That was a cool spider Ruby! I think that it was a Sheetweb Spider
    From Oliver.

  3. wow so scary so cool
    from Abbie