Sunday, 23 February 2014

Lola Came to Visit Room 18!

Room 18 had a gorgeous young lady come to visit us.
We all sat in a big circle and Lola walked around and met all of us.
Aryton told us that she is 8 weeks old, her favourite toy is a stuffed pet dog, she eats dry puppy food and she was born in Palmerston North. He also said that she sometimes is a bit naughty as she likes to chew shoes!
Thanks Aryton for bringing Lola in to meet all of us.


  1. Soooooooo cute,
    cute, cute, cute!
    from Mia

  2. Cute Lola, I wish I had her

  3. Lola was so cute with her soft her and fluffy ears, even cuter that Wilbur went he was a puppy! Aryton you are sooooooooooo lucky!

  4. That is adorable! You are so lucky to play with Lola!
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the year with Mrs Poole, I sure did!